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In an era marked by corporate greed, job insecurity, and cultural confusion in global markets, what does it mean to be a professional? In spare, elegant essays, Bagchi (The High Performance Entrepreneur), vice chairman and cofounder of a global information technology powerhouse, MindTree Ltd., waxes on the baseline qualities that distinguish exceptional leaders and workers: the ability to work unsupervised, to certify the completion of a task, and to act with integrity at all times. Beyond these fundamentals are a long term, global view, and an ability to deal effectively with complexity and change. Concepts come to life through examples of real people at all levels in real companies across the globe… (July 2011)

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“In this moving and deeply empathetic book, Subroto Bagchi analyses the attributes of a true ‘professional’. His exemplars include humble undertakers as well as top corporate heads, unsung but devoted nurses as well as headline-grabbing sportspersons. The stories he tells are both salutary and charming-they deal with routine happenings and with emergencies, and take place in offices, hospitals, banks, and airports. From these richly varied experiences, Bagchi explains how to conduct one’s career with both intelligence and integrity. This fine book will command a deservedly wide readership.”
Ramachandra Guha, author of India after Gandhi

“This book is important because it equates professionalism with an inspirational capacity to serve with total integrity – a central attribute of the most important changemakers of our time.”
Bill Drayton – Founder, CEO and Chair of Ashoka

Review by Prof. R. Sathyanarayanan
“The Professional”, is precisely prescriptive in nature. This is a definite guide book for students and young professionals. That doesn’t mean that older people do not have takeaways; there are many actually.
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– Head of the Marketing & Communication and Retail Varsities, Chennai Business School
January, 2010

Review by Misha Shukla
– Delivery Manager, Managed Services (AIS), Fujitsu Consulting India Private Limited
December, 2009

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