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What is a professional? Subroto Bagchi, one of India’s foremost business leaders and authors, believes the traditional definition has changed. He writes in The Professional that “it’s not enough for someone to just be able to do a job in order to qualify for this title; he or she not only must be able to accept responsibility for their own work and actions but also must understand how that work and those actions will translate to the rest of the world.” The author then goes on to supply examples from around the world to support his argument that ethical decisions matter, especially in this age when business is so very globally integrated.

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One of the true pleasures of our global culture is the availability of business books from around the world. It’s refreshing to see workplace issues through the eyes of an author whose lexicon of examples ranges from corporate officers to grave diggers using horse-drawn carriages on the streets of India.

In this provocative book, author Bagchi provides gentle but firm instruction on the responsibilities inherent in becoming a true professional, regardless of one’s actual job title or level. And why would such instruction be needed? As Bagchi tactfully points out, “There is no institution large enough or powerful enough to make sure each of us is behaving in the best way possible” and, later, “Without integrity, any professionally qualified individual is actually a danger to society.”

Perhaps most compelling, however, is his common-sense argument that today’s new workers are entering fields that didn’t exist until recently — and hence, have no established codes of conduct. A useful book for any worker, this may be an essential read for those just entering the world of paid employment.

Amy Lindgren

Varun Bhattar Says
Sunday November 20th 2011

My review for “The Professional”:
A realization of things that we are suppose to do, but at times, end up the other way. And a gentle reminder, to move up from our comfortable grey areas!
Very light and soothing. Can be read over again!

Thanks for writing!

Roopa Says
Monday November 28th 2011

Hello Sir
I read your book The professional to tell you this the first time I read a book,I don’t like reading usually on my way to my first business trip to Ahmadabad I picked this book from store.I was only girl with my boss another office staff. if this book would not have been i would have never been so strong all the while in my work.

I want to thank you that you have depicted proffesional life so well i learnt a lot from it and want to practice it.

But let me tell you being a girl and hoping high to achieve dreams is bit impossible we are been taken for granted by society as you mentioned in your book how a lady is being treated by her boss or subordinates.You have written a perfect book for young professionals.

Lately in a show on star world somebody mentioned that your write books for 6th std children I think that statement was wrong you have written the best books I am going to read all your books now…Thanks once again.

Roopa Says
Monday November 28th 2011

I wish I could meet you sir ,and tell my personal experiences about one professional life.I request all youngsters to read this plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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