If you are curious, come join me and a group of smart teenagers on their exciting voyage of discovery, and in the process, get yourself a teen MBA!

You are 16, going on 17.

Steve Jobs was all of sixteen when he met Stephen Wozniak. What resulted was Apple.

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford, they were in their early twenties. They were soon to start Google.

Today’s teenagers are our smartest generation yet. They are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, investors, managers, policy makers, watchdogs and of course, consumers. But do you know what the corporate and business world is all about? How do businesses touch everyone’s lives? What really makes an entrepreneur tick? How does the engine of a company run? Who is a social entrepreneur?

And why do we need the world of business — is business good or bad for us?

If you are curious, come join me and a group of smart teenagers on their exciting voyage of discovery, and in the process, get yourself a teen MBA!

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Sachin Says
Saturday May 12th 2012

any plans for kindle edition?

grin Says
Wednesday May 23rd 2012

it was with a lot of anticipation that i rushed into purchasing this book. i was however deeply disappointed with the product. the book appeared to be extolling the virtues of one school – well beyond the reach of the lesser privileged people, one individual – who apart from other things was recently in the news for sponsoring the trip of the honourable members and apparently other personal friends of the author. it could have covered the minimum aspects required to enable a teenager to make a considered decision but has failed miserably
pardon me if i am being rude. there was also a lot of bengali – may be to induce people of the same community – and a cursory two words in kannada with a detailed translation (probably a lesser privileged people being eased out of their motherland)? the examples of bill and steve were totally not in sync with the so called morals and ethics. all the other exemplary people (but for dr v) chosen could rightly be called as people who positively would lead one into money – the ends justify the means – but would not hold an iota of chance as regards their morals and ethics. all have made money in this city by merely being the first to do something, exploiting the lower wages in rural areas, and disturbing the peaceful tranquility that this state was all about. simpler words could have been used to describe the terms with easy to understand parables. probably the book is a personal one meant only for the ‘priveleged class’! well i am not sad about spending money to buy the book i am unable to fathom the ‘time’ which i lost in the reading this book…….

Indra Sood Says
Tuesday August 7th 2012

A must read for the curious minds !

This is an amazingly simple, easy to follow and gripping book. Mr. Subroto Bagchi has been successful to understand the minds of 16 year olds and therefore he is able to share the complicated world of business with them with such a great ease with his novel characters like talking Dog and Fly High. From Manufacturing to Quality to HR to Marketing to innovation, he covered all the topics, even introduced the young ones to Gary Hamel and Edward Deming and the likes. He really simplified the 7 quality principles, PDCA, TQM, Six Sigma, 80-20 rule, Core competence, supply chain, economies of scale, Angel Investor and VC funding. This book is really offers a Mini MBA to not only teenagers but also to others who want to understand the world of business in a very interesting story like fashion, that too with very relevant examples from the industry. Reading this, the reader is bound to think at least once if he / she wants to be a JOB SEEKER or JOB CREATOR !

abdullah khan Says
Monday August 20th 2012

MBA at 16 is overall a good book. I will rate it 7/10. The thing I wonder is that without engaging the reader in a story you are successful in creating a sense of interest while reading the book. The book is very easy to understand and thoroughly clear.
I would like to request you to present to us a book which shall help teenagers to get to know that what they can do from now, how small things to be observed at an early stage can add up to the quality of an entrepreneur;
because while reading the book I realised it lacked the directions to be followed to become a successful buisinessman.

    Thursday December 27th 2012

    My dear friend Abdulla, the book “MBA at 16” is meant for teenagers…
    For direction to be followed to become successful businessman, one can read “High Performance Entrepreneur”, “Go Kiss The world” and more importantly “The Professional”.

Rizwan Saifi Says
Sunday March 3rd 2013

Dear Sir,

I want to purchase your book of business at 16 in hindi language. Please confirm is it available in hindi?

Tuesday April 2nd 2013

MBA at 16 is really fantastic. Well written for the target audience, i.e. teenagers. Mr Bagchi’s writting is simple, down to earth and at the same time rich in content. All teenagers whether aspiring to become entrepreneurs or not must read this book and Go kiss the World.After reading all his books I now look forward to meet this great personality when he comes to Bhubaneswar.

Ms. Sneha Dave Says
Friday April 12th 2013

its a book every youth should read to understand business

Thursday July 11th 2013

I want to rate the book with 10/10. The book is really an inspiration for teenagers who thinks about building their Business Enterprise. This book is enriched with a lot of knowledge and simplified language which can be understand by school going children.

Tuesday August 13th 2013

Mr. Subroto Bagchi I am of 11 and interested in making my own business. After reading this book of yours I have come to know of many things and I feel I am qualified for business right now thanks for making a book like this. You are the best. I would give a 5/5 star rating for this book if there was a rating bar.

megha Says
Wednesday April 23rd 2014

this book is simply amazing for teenagers like us….. 🙂

    Embrie Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    GD Star Ratingloading…nice. but i bet welfair pays for the needs.or penras do.. house food. etc and school. i was a teen mom too. But i had to pay my own way thru school & provide. There was no help, ever a mdical card or food stamp or a parent to help. Yes i went to schoool. But kids weaken your teeth. leave stretch marks. ruin your boobs and then suck u dry till you have nothing else to give and they do this for yrs. If i could go back i would not have kids. i was a good mom , rocking chair mom & loving.GD Star Ratingloading…

V Krishnan Says
Thursday January 8th 2015

Dear Mr Bagchi.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audio version of your book MBA at 16.
I completed the book yesterday on the way back from my morning walk on the HAL airport road, Bangalore .

The contents were perfectly compiled for a teen age mind and the audio narration was wonderful !
Even though I am well aware of all the concepts, I particularly liked the lucid way you explained them and I could also take home some learnings and a few nuggets of wisdom !

My next plan is to buy a couple of hardcopies and distribute to all my friends who have teenage children ! Incidentally my son passed out from NPS Koramangla 7 years back .
I also plan to catch up on your other books as well .

While my memory may be a bit rusty, I recollect a piece you had written a long time back when you came from US to visit your father in a hospital ! Still remember the touching part where your dad asked the nurse if she had finished her breakfast !

Wishing you a wonderful year !

Warm Regards

Monday October 5th 2015

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Surya Says
Tuesday March 14th 2017

After meeting, and listening a lot of people from India, perhaps, you are the Second person after Gadhijee to be Sustainable in search of substainable life energy-success…

Namaskar, and greetings from Surya Dhakal, now in Atlanta, GA

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