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Dr. Debabrata Mukhopadhyay Says
Wednesday March 7th 2012

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Monday April 30th 2012

I ready the book “Go Kiss The World”. This book should be read by all specially younger generation. Lot of things to imbibe regarding how to drive ourselves in this world.

Dr Suranjana Ray Says
Saturday July 21st 2012

I liked the idea of young minds dwelling on great ideas. Keep writing, you inspire us all.

Nagabhushan Says
Tuesday September 4th 2012

Dear Sir,

As a budding Entrepreneur at SP Jain, I got ur book from our College at SYB. I relished reading it.
Thank you very much Sir, for sharing so much of ur valuable experiences and insights.

I was wondering how can I get the copy “All about Integrity”. I wrote from Mind Tree website also, I did not get response. Can u Plz guide me Sir.


Bredah Says
Sunday December 9th 2012

You truly make it appear truly easy with your pettrneasion but I uncover this topic to be really something which I believe I may well never recognize. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. Ie2€™m taking a appear forward for your next post, I will try to get the cling of it!

    Anni Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    Sir/Madam,Please sent me my Aadhaar Card because till now I have no get my aaadahr Card. I have applied on 16/12/2012 16:32:42 pm my enrolment no. is . 1207/93870/10952 Please send on my address.i hope u give me reply very soon.Thanks,Shobha Jain

    Donte Says
    Thursday August 11th 2016

    Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be susnbricibg in your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

    Saturday October 22nd 2016

    Sunt şi alte motive, asta-i clar. Eu oricum nu plec în primul rând datorită oamenilor. Dar dincolo de asta e şi satisfacţia pe care cred că ţi-o poate da contribuţia ta în ţara-în-care-nu-merge-totul-brici.Şi nu înţeleg.. banii îi poţi face dincolo, mai mulţi şi mai uşor ca în România. Nu cred că îţi trebuie bani la început, ci doar vreau să-mi spuneţi neapărat dacă sunteţi de acord cu ce am scris. Sunt curioasă de motivele voastre.

    Saturday November 5th 2016

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    Sunday November 13th 2016

    Hi there,Do you mind to share where you buy your bread flour and yeast? There isn't many choices here in Singapore. Your bread looks wonderful, I am really eager to be able to make bread looks like that.

    Wednesday November 16th 2016

    ¿Acaso alguien lo dudaba? Este FF tiene un futuro prometedor, tanto que me aventuro a lanzarme y preveo que será una obra maestra, probablemente el mejor j-rpg de la generación.

    Sunday January 29th 2017

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    Friday March 17th 2017

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ART Says
Wednesday February 6th 2013


I am not able to read the following blog
“Beyond degrees: How to be a neo-professional”
There are many changes on the website, clicking on the link takes to the News secion and when one continues to search and reaches in Aug 2009 and click the link, it open DC epaper website which does not has the article.
Request you clean up the website, as it is clutered and most of the links take you nowhere.


    Marcelle Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    If the person was your freind, they would probably be happy to hear from you. It would be a pleasant surprise to reconnect.If they don’t reply, it could be the wrong email address or an email address that they no longer use.I use it every day.

Thursday February 14th 2013

“News | Subroto Bagchi Blogs” was in fact seriously pleasurable and
educational! In modern world honestly, that is challenging to deliver.
I am grateful, Gabriele

Pradeep Singh Roopra Says
Thursday February 21st 2013

Daer Mr Subroto Bagchi,
If I am right I think you are from Rorkela Evenig college, I too ws a student of this college, excuse me if I am wrong.

Anubhav Says
Saturday July 6th 2013

Dear Mr Bagchi,
Your writings will inspire not only this generations but generations to come. Through your books i was able to know more about the founding teams members , their experience, Thought process of you & Team thus giving me confidence to invest in MindTree. I wish you all success. Waiting for upcoming results.
with regards,

    Lou Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    Dear Sir,This is regarding my adhar card which i haven’t rciveeed till date.My enrollment number is 1207/04085/02513. I applied it on 4/9/12 at 10:59:44 at Sampark center Chandigarh.Kindly update me with its latest status as its earliest as I need it urgently for some really important purpose.Hoping for your favourable response at the earleist.ThankyouIsha Arora

    Aisyah Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    SupportHi Ibrahim Thank you for the query. The advice I would give to you is to go tourhgh all the videos listed in this section of the Website, labelled Free Videos. You can access it by clicking . I hope these videos will help you grasp the concepts. Regards

Dr.Muralidhar Misra Says
Saturday July 13th 2013

Hi Subroto,
I’m delightful to see you after a long time through your Blog.
It reminds me of your early days in Keonjhar, Odisha.
I am heartily happy to see your dream turn true, ” MindTree”.

Below is my contact no.-

0657-2343337 (R)
+91 9973248473 (M)
I am eager to know about all of you. How’s Debu da & boudi? Hope you remember Asha di…!!
I request you to pass on your Email address & contact number.
Hope everybody at home are fine.

Warm Regards
Murali goiin

    Agustina Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    01 Jan 15, 2013 7:44 pm Subharun Pal I would like to do the Certified Scrum Master : 2 -Day Certification + Training Course. Hence, would like to know about the following:- Group diuscont, Upcoming Batches for the month of Feb/Mar 2013

    Marilou Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

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Manish P. Says
Wednesday October 16th 2013

Respected Sir,
Read all your books and now you are my mentor and everything. Failures, Failures, Failures and one day miracle happened. BY profession I am a Chartered Accountant and your book “The Professional” gave me so many insights and inner strengths to make myself a complete professional.
However, this mail is relating to Vasai Chartered Accountants Branch wants to organize one seminar for a day on ” CA – A Professional”. No wonder no one can deliver better then you. Request you to kindly share you mail id or procedure so I can connect with you and take this relation one step ahead. The program is scheduled to be on 10th November 2013. Kindly update me about your availability and procedure to close it. Thanks once again to shape my professional life. Thank you so much.

    Jalil Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

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    Mariana Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

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Satheesh Sirivoru Says
Thursday December 26th 2013

Dear Gardener, Farmer and Coach,

I became your ardent fan ever since I read your book: “Go Kiss the World”.
Till date I bought all your books within the first week of release.

I must convey my thanks and profound gratitude for having reaped my wisdom, happiness and life’s big lessons on personal and professional lives from your writings.

Hopefully, one day I would get to personally see and talk to you, when I would be in a position to make an appointment with you. Until then, I remain your ‘ekalavya shishya’ farming my dreams with your intellectual manure.

Happy New Year and may Mindtree become successtree of the corporate worlds.

Respectfully yours,
Satheesh Sirivoru

    Sanda Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    Note from fifth grade teacher whose suetdnts are participating in the Kiwanis essay contest: We have really enjoyed working on this project. It has sparked quite a bit of thinking about the suetdnts own acts of kindness and they want to begin a “Kindness Club” here at school. I’m very proud of their ambition. Our class is writing essays on kindness as part of the Kiwanis essay contest. We have really enjoyed working on this project. It has sparked quite a bit of thinking about the suetdnts own acts of kindness and they want to begin a “Kindness Club” here at school. I’m very proud of their ambition.

    Satheesh S Says
    Monday September 8th 2014

    Dear Sir,

    Its great to know that Mindtree is breaking into Billion $ companies list.

    I have seen your complete interview in BT.
    Your thought process of company being in the hands of employees than in those of few high ranked individuals is a fascinating idea and carries a lot of inspiration in it.

    It reminds me of Bhagavat Gita, where in – Lord Krishna says, do your duty and leave the rest to destiny! Its relevance is very opt to the style that you have inducted into Mindtree as a founder and is reaping fruits now- “Its a verifiable fact from your company’s sustenance”.

    All the very best…..

    and btw, we are craving for something to read like that of yours “Go Kiss the World”, its been quite a long time we are awaiting for an emotional writing like that!


      Nano Says
      Saturday August 22nd 2015

      Hi! I’m wondering what masnkig tape you use? I just watched your video on applying the tape .once that is done, you send that to the customer, or is there another step before mailing? Thanks!!

Sarat Kumar Panda Says
Sunday March 2nd 2014

Respected Bagchi Sir namaskar have you remembered those days at d.n.high school keonjhar frm 1966 to 1972 a batch mate of yours feel extremely proud of you.If possible hav a reply for which i will be ever greatful to you.thanks.sarat panda.

    Ramesh Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

    Hi! I’m wondering what maisnkg tape you use? I just watched your video on applying the tape .once that is done, you send that to the customer, or is there another step before mailing? Thanks!!

Tringa Says
Sunday July 13th 2014

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Flak Says
Monday July 14th 2014

map, having laid claim to auhiorsthp. Viz.: I just looked at the map that appears in today’s paper [you meant the online version, of course]. It looks good and I’m very glad to see it run so people can get an accurate look at just how close some of these sites are to the city. One thing that I’m very curious about is it just me or is that the version of the map that I drew on my computer? It sure looks like it to me. Will my check be arriving soon? 😉

Hester Says
Monday July 14th 2014

We col’udve done with that insight early on.

George E Thomas Says
Monday March 23rd 2015

Can I have Mr Bagchi’s email address

    Monday May 2nd 2016

    Respected Mr. Bagchi,
    I know you and your family as I was a student of Keonjhar College, when your brother Shri D P Bagchi was our ADM and you were studying at D N Highschool. One of your brother was studting in Ravenshwa College, who later joined Indian Army and then joined Bank of India as security officer.
    Now after serving Canara Bank as an executive, post retirement I am working as State Head of Asmacs Skill and currently working as training partner of ORMAS to implement DDU-GKY and OSEMS to implement their placement linked training programme.
    I and all in Skill Development in Odisha are very happy that our Cm has given you the task to spearhead skill movement in Odisha. Welcome to Odisha Sir.
    Given an oppertunity, I will like to meet you and give feed back regarding Skill Odisha and my organisation.
    Nirmal Kumar Behera

Monday June 22nd 2015

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Saturday August 22nd 2015

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    Thursday August 11th 2016

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Friday May 20th 2016

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Surajit Mishra Says
Thursday December 8th 2016

Respected Sir,
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It is unfortunate that the DTET Odisha was rejected our application no. T/VTP/N/91295 dt. 26.10.2015 for VTP without any verification.
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exemple Says
Thursday June 1st 2017

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