Go Kiss the World

Go Kiss the World

'Go, kiss the world' were Subroto Bagchi's blind mother’s last words to him. These words became the guiding principle of his life.

‘Go, kiss the world’ were Subroto Bagchi’s blind mother’s last words to him. These words became the guiding principle of his life.

Subroto Bagchi grew up amidst what he calls the ‘material simplicity’ of rural and small-town Orissa, imbibing from his family a sense of contentment, constant wonder, connectedness to a larger whole and learning from unusual sources. From humble beginnings, he went on to achieve extraordinary professional success, eventually co-founding MindTree, one of India’s most admired software services companies.

Through personal anecdotes and simple words of wisdom, Subroto Bagchi brings to the young professional lessons in working and living, energizing ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives. Go Kiss the World will be an inspiration to ‘young India’, and to those who come from small-town India, urging them to recognize and develop their inner strengths, thereby helping them realize their own, unique potential.

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Saturday October 18th 2008

[…] Wonderful , that is the word i would say for Subroto Bagchi’s Go Kiss the World. […]

    Hrishikesh Ramchandra Mandhare Says
    Friday January 11th 2013

    Sir, ur book of[GO,KISS THE WORLD]inspiring me.

    Manoj KUMAR SAHOO Says
    Wednesday September 24th 2014

    After reading this book now i am understanding why the company employees are known as Mindtree Minds…..I am also one of Mindtree Mind.

    Sundar Says
    Wednesday February 11th 2015

    I will read it Sir

Amit Sarna Says
Friday September 25th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi

Go kiss the World is so hugely inspiring for youth of today. It helps us “no frills attached managers” to be distinguished gentlemen. Set apart from the rats running today’s rat race on crutches of material advantages to reach out to even more fancy crutches…

Hats off to you to inspire the generations to come!

Amar Kumar Says
Tuesday October 6th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi,
I am from Jharkhand. I am 30 years old and suffered a personal setback almost one year back. I lost all my dreams, my focus and ability to concentrate.
But I love reading books. Recently, I saw “Go Kiss The world” in my brother’s hand. I took this book from him casually without any special interest.
The more pages I read the book, the more I became aware about my own status of mind. This book is like doing meditation which increases self-awareness.

Mr. Bagchi, I have big dreams but I am lost.I was in need of reading a book like “Go Kiss The World”.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. I know it worths a lot.

Taher Says
Saturday October 17th 2009

Go Kiss the world is remarkably the best book i have ever read

Raghavendra Says
Tuesday October 27th 2009

This book can knock the door of every mind who reads it and be a spark to ignite the minds to build a glorious India. This book helps to find the life’s real calling. This book cleared the air of doubt in my mind. Thank you sir.

Wednesday November 18th 2009

Dear Mr. Subroto,

Have not read your book, but just read ur speech at IIM – Bangalore. Its really inspiring and heartening to know about people like you and your thoughts.

Thanks so much… May run out of words to praise you, once I read the complete book.

Best wishes and regards,

Poorva Jain Says
Tuesday November 24th 2009

Dear Sir i became a very big fan of yours after reading(go kiss the world).
Most imp thing which i learnt is that how parents play a big role in our life and how can we became a good human being.Kindly tell me how can i contact you as I think you can help me in boosting my life.

Tuesday March 23rd 2010

Dear Mr. Subroto,
I read your book and it remembered me the days I spent in Wipro and our leader Mr. Ashok Soota. I was working in Field Engineering Group, 1988-1990. I also remembered you. I really loved the book, and the importance of parents in one’s making big in life. Basically relationship with our parents pays a important aspect of our life and how we appear towards others. The book is a great treasure for the young generation to learn how to respect workplace and ethics. I pray to almighty that you will bringout many more such books to lighten the lives of many.
Best of Grace, and hope to meet you in future…..
Rakesh Andhare

Surekha Says
Tuesday March 23rd 2010

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

I bought all your three books, and have read ‘Go kiss the world’, and ‘The Professional’. I enjoyed reading them, and am now circulating them among my friends, as I want them to read these books too.

Go Kiss the world, has been a real inspiration to me. I have done my MBA, and run my own recrutiment business. After reading your book, I have been inspired to study further and do my doctorate!!

Thank you for writing such a motivating book, and sharing your own life experiences with us. I look forward to seeing more of your books on the stands.

Best Wishes,

Swati Says
Wednesday March 31st 2010

Dear Sir,
On reading your two books “Go Kiss the World” and “The Professional” you have inspired me
Its like you have became my Role Model.
their is small request if possible i could like get further assistance or rather inspiration or just call it a motivation to do something from YOU Sir

tanvi Says
Saturday April 3rd 2010

Dear Sir.
reading your book was a treat to my mind. it explained well that “you are what you eat in your breakfast”. It was really an inspiring book and the teachings at the end of the book were really helpful too.

Vikram Brahma Says
Monday April 19th 2010

Dear Sir,
Recently I have gone through one of your book “Go Kiss The World” and after reading I liked it a lot. I have recommended your book even in my daily facebook updates. Now, I am going through your latest book “The Professional”.

What I have felt is that: I have found too much similarity between you & madam Sudha Murthy stories/ books. Madam & your books consist personal anecdotes, real life stories, full of hope, believe and it gave me real pleasure to read.

Thanks a lot for writing such good books, all the best and god bless you always.

Tuesday April 20th 2010

Dear Sir,

First of all a humble thanks to you for sharing these through your wonderful book.

Really a valuable guide and inspirational contents to read and it refreshes our mind. I am sure it will motivate many and help to support those who never traveled such path of career.

For me it was a great book which acted as a virtual mentor.

Many many thanks and Good Wishes


Fuzail Ahmad Says
Wednesday April 28th 2010

One of the most touching and inspiring auto-biography of business leader i have read over. my friends to whom i shared this book simply said……..woh…………The challenges and varieties of experiences you faced is the learning for readers.

Fuzail Ahmad

Subadra Murthy Says
Friday May 14th 2010

Dear Mr Bagchi,

I am delighted to meet you through your inspiring book ” Go Kiss the World”. A few months ago someone sent me a fwd – an excerpt from this book and I was hooked! The very title was intriguing as well as inspiring! And when I chanced upon the book recently, I grabbed it and could not put it down till I finished it.

You have an easy style of writing and are very clear about what you wish to convey. Your experiences and the lessons you have learnt on this journey of life is an inspiration to others – even senior citizens like me, for they are lessons on how to live life! I am eager to share this book with my son and all the other young people I know so that they too are inspired and motivated.

Thank you for sharing your experiences! I have become your fan for life and eagerly look fwd to read your other books and articles!

K.Subadra Murthy

Monday May 31st 2010


Many Many happy returns of the day,your presence of 53 years has impacted many and now you are Someone to Everyone.Dont know you will read this email or not.

My name is Ankit Jain.I read your book “The High Performance Entrepreneur”.I Completed yesterday.I dont work in MindTree,but after reading the book,you have made me Ankit Jain again.I work for an IT company in chennai.And I am on the start of my career in Datawarehousing.
Leaving this apart,as a reader I have many questions to ask you.Few are like,I wan to ask you:
1)One of your brother who choosed the path of solitude(may be I am not exact with words),I want to know what the best lesson you learned from him
2)In Chennai,You heard something from a cucumber seller,can you put some light on it to help me carve my future.
3)Where you think you are still making a mistake.

Do reply me,so that I can follow your every steps.
I know you are a busy man,but I know you are Subroto.

Happy birthday.

Amar Says
Saturday February 12th 2011

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

Last week I came across your book in our resource center and honestly, I am deeply inspired by it. I knew that you were an amazing speaker the moment we heard you at Great Lakes, but well, you have proved to be an even better writer with the book!

Have put in a few points of yours in my webpage which inspired the most.


    vishnuchittan Says
    Tuesday June 28th 2011

    Dear Mr. Bagchi,
    Books like “GO KISS THE WORLD,THE PROFESSIONAL,The High Performance EntrepreneuR,are superb and a guide to youngsters.I am a Program Executive working in the field of media for a prominent Television Channel in Bangalore. The experience of your life where you state that to treat each and everyone with due respect is somewhat many managers have to learn today. There are many youngsters who are in high profile jobs and managerial positions where they feel that they have succeded and theytake it to their heads. I am awaiting your new book.

    Cammie Says
    Thursday August 11th 2016

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    Friday January 6th 2017

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    Thursday January 19th 2017

    That insight’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

    Sunday January 29th 2017

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    Thursday February 9th 2017

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    Tuesday February 14th 2017

    Oi, ihania majanrakennustarvikkeita, kyllä kelpaa rakentaa!Meillä myös majapuuhat mieluisia, juurikin vilteistä, peitoista, kankaista tehden. Olohuoneesta sohvan ja nojatuolien takaa löytyy parhaat rakennuspaikat.

    Tuesday May 2nd 2017

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Arun Nayak Says
Sunday May 1st 2011

Hi Subroto Sir,

I just read the addressed you had given to IIM, Bangalure on 2006.I am thankful to my Boss for forwarding me that email.

While reading your whole speach,my eyes were full of tear and got imotional. And also, its really gives encouragement and immense morale strength for a successful life.

I wish you a very best.


Rajender Says
Monday May 16th 2011

Hi Subrato

I just completed your book “Go kiss the world”. Initially I didn’t found it very exciting but as the book proceed, I simply loved it. And then I understood why you had taken so much time in initial chapters so that readers can find themselves connected with rest of the book.

I loved it and there is lot to learn from it. Truly inspirational. I have also fallen in love with mindtree organisation and I hope will work with it in future. After reading book, I visited several times mindtree website and I only hope you read my these comment.

Piyush Says
Saturday June 18th 2011

thank you

sandeep Says
Thursday July 14th 2011

an inspiring book. we slould respect each and every one we come across. and it seems that adversity gives our life a much needed boost.

Dharini Says
Friday September 2nd 2011

Hello Sir,
I am quite motivated with your book. It was gifted by my dear friend and now the book has become dear to me.
We are a young technology company and going through some tough times, seeing a meek future and would have to put down our weapons. Your experiences has surely given me courage to walk few more miles and take it beyond the brick wall.
We are still hopeful to make a difference in our lives with this project.
Its nice to know we were never alone and will never be alone in all the struggles. people have suffered similarly and come out of it coz they believed they will.

Thank you for the thought.

kvssiyer Says
Wednesday November 30th 2011

Dear sir,
I am reading the book with inspiring interest. whne yoiu tell the story you are touching the hearts of millions.It is not an inellectual journey to be with the book you are navigating us through. “we have four houses and also we have four transistors” Can it be more power ful touching and inspiring for the ones like me.But that is the reality. we are five brothers and two sisters.Our lives have broad similarity to that of you. Our mother always said her jewels are her children when she had to be with out the gold chain for years for reasons of the chain went into sale as it could not be taken back from pledging to meet our educational needs.
Your observations regarding MBAs and IITians finding difficult to pursue payment collection is equally a fact.after all for every job there is a cader most fit for it. We have a cases where in engineers of of the best talent miserably fail to recognise the need for focusing their attention to minor things like the welding slag and welding spatter while inspecting apart fromthe high teck areas like the NDT and the mirostructure.But they find them insignificant. result is customer complaints.
Your noting that the every fall is the opportunity for break through rise is equally striking.
It is equally true to run an enterprise with engineering prodiucts a back ground in engineering is not a must provided the entrepreneurial competence is in abundance
with best wishes

sajeev Says
Wednesday December 21st 2011


Your books have been inspiring me

thank you

kiran.chandorkar Says
Monday July 16th 2012

Dear Sir,
Your books are really Very Good and Inseparable Which helps us with the way thinking of our Up coming Life.
Thank you.

sridhar boominathan Says
Monday August 20th 2012

Dear sir,

All your books are very inspiring books
and this one is the very inspiring

Shubha Dattatreya Bahinipati Says
Tuesday September 4th 2012

Dear Sir,

Your books are extremely inspiring and eye opening . You came from such a rural place where people are not able to get two square meals even if today. I have spent some years in that area (Sunabeda, Koraput).Sometimes I get surprised to think that how could a person from that area go to such a great height. That is all because of your exemplary disciplined and austere life .

Your books tell the actual story of life , business and success. It inspires many broken hearted people to recollect their strength and go ahead.. At this age of shortcut and bypass , where people are ready do everything for the sake of mere maternal gain ,your books focus on the real face of gain ,loss and maternal simplicity. Corporate people like me (I am a software professional at Bangalore) can always get ways of inspiration from your books.

Specially your speech at IIM can motivate any hopeless person and can give rays of hope for living a better life. Your books are like philosophical books tested with time and they express the truth in a practical manner. I am a voracious reader and have read many books. So I can tell that your books have definitely a different flavor.

My humble request would be , if you have not allowed anyone to translate “Go Kiss the World” to Odia language, then please allow me to do so. I will feel myself fortunate to do so.

May God bless you and give you better thoughts to write these types of inspiring books in the time to come

janet Says
Wednesday September 12th 2012

go kiss the world

Subhankar Patnaik Says
Saturday September 29th 2012

What a book Sir !!

Arun Gopalakrishnan Says
Sunday December 2nd 2012

Dear Sir,

Your books have been inspiring me.

thank you

Saturday February 16th 2013

Dear Sir,
I am recently gone thorugh your speech “to the Class of 2006 at the IIM, Bangalore on defining success” i.e. the preamble of “Go and Kiss the World”

This speech made me shaken inside, made my journey back to my childhood where I brought up in humble way in a family of six. Above all, I confess here that I could not hold my tears intact going though your speech Sir! Thanks a lot for sharing such a great value. Presently I am 45 working as AGM in a PSU.

Tuesday April 2nd 2013

Few books written by the author on his own life experiences inspire you as “Go Kiss the World”. That family values have a great impact on one’s success is vividly expressed in this magnificent book. You feel like reading a novel. As you go on and on you get charmed with the simplicity of the author, his phenomenal rise and the invalubale lessons you learn in the pages. A must read.

S.Minakshi Says
Thursday April 4th 2013

Go Kiss the World is a fantastic book that can inspire every section of the people, young or old. It not only shows Mr.Bagchi as a successful entrepreneur, but reflects his mind as a person too. I am extremely fascinated by the book. It has shown us the path of success and at the same time works as a motivation for the coming young entrepreneur.

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Wednesday July 3rd 2013

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Purnendu Mohanty Says
Friday July 5th 2013

I loved the book and this is a masterpiece for sure. Honestly this is one of my favourite books till date.Life can be very challenging and open the doors which you can not even dream in your wildest dreams. From DCM to Mindtree is exceptional journey of courage, foresight, passion, and guts.You inspired us in each page of the book .
Purnendu Mohanty
Managing Director (India & SAARC)
GMC Software Technology India Pvt Ltd

Debarshi Basu Says
Saturday September 14th 2013

Dear Mr. Bagchi,
It is a completely new experience to go through your writing ‘Go Kiss the World’…it is rather the profile of a man (especially a Bengali) of uncompromising nature , it is the real demonstration of facts how a boy from a typical middle class background becomes an acclaimed global personality…it delineates step by step how to manifest the inner potential of a man through lively ( I mean related to very down to earth human life ) analogies & anecdotes….it exemplifies the necessity of a complete family (overriding today’s nuclear family concept ) to be competent professionally….I personally feel that every Indian(especially Bengali) youngster of every professional walk must go through this unique documentary.
Thank you very much for this kind of endeavor.

Debarshi Basu

J Sridhar Says
Friday December 27th 2013

Reading this book was a great experience. The fluency of expression, the artful weaving of words, the humour and frankness, the moments when you just can’t resist tears – all these make this book unique. I consider myself blessed to have stumbled upon this book.

One minor printing correction is required. In the last line page 78 the first word “allocated” is truncated; only “cated” appears. This should be corrected in the next reprint. A very minor observation but in a perfect book, why leave even a trace of imperfection?!

Smruti Ranjan Says
Saturday February 8th 2014

I have a personal question, assuming that you have wrongly interpreted to the last lines of your mother………..please discuss with me…

mohan Says
Friday April 11th 2014

An wonderful book. Thank you for the thought.

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  • Rachanaa Datey Says
    Monday June 30th 2014

    I just completed the book.Loved it.GREAT !!!

    Sudarshan Says
    Saturday July 26th 2014

    Is ‘Go kiss the world’ a registered tag line?

    Is it possible for you to register it as a ‘tag line’ with the office of Intellectual Property registrations?

    Tuesday October 14th 2014

    Respected sir, your valuable speech at iim bangaluru on july 2004 tamil version given in Ramakrishna vijayam october 2014 issue instantly I have read very sensitive speech I broken three or four times wonderful I am much appreciated the simplicity and sincerity of your parents both mother and father I am also your age but I am Now working as your father like simple Principal in a Govt. college of Education for women, Coimbatore
    by Dr. N.RAMAKRISHNAN, please inform me how to get your books

    samarth Says
    Tuesday February 3rd 2015

    sorry i have no email ID as i’m student of 7th std i have read this story as it has came in our Oxfords mulberry book i’m studding in tomoae school it is the awesome book i ever read and i’m totally inspired by some verses by you you have totally changed my view about what success is thank you sir.

    Grover Says
    Monday October 5th 2015

    By worthy, I imply worthy of getting discussed
    (some could be added to let you know they are NO Fantastic for gaming with DH).

    Ankur Goyal Says
    Tuesday October 27th 2015

    Dear Mr Bagchi,

    On my 3 day trip to UK I had bought the book at Airport and during travel in few sitting completed the book, highlighting some lines which will summarise and use it as ready reckoner

    I am at present working as President(W) in MMTC PAMP India pvt ltd which is one of the largest gold and silver refinery. My life till now matches in many ways to what you have written in the book. I am 47 and going through exactly what you had gone in the book

    An awesome book and it would be great if I can meet you in person and share my experiences.

    Do let me know whenever you are in Delhi and would love to meet

    Will read all your other books for sure

    A standing ovation for your success and may you get more in years to come



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    Sunday December 30th 2018

    Wonderful ,Awesome,Book(GO KISS THE WORLD)

    Mr Bagchi Sir wrote an outstanding story of his blind mother who inspired him…….

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